My name is Gleb and I'm a web-developer from Russia. I am interested in the development of back-end of high-load systems on PHP and MySQL. Сan write clean OOP code and use design patterns as well as refactoring techniques. Сorrectly design databases using normal forms, aware of denormalization and correct index arrangement. Currently in development I use Laravel, but know a bit of Symfony and Yii. Keep track of changes and new features of the latest versions of PHP. Сan write unit tests. Know JQuery and have basic skills in frontend. Also have experience in open-source development because I am the creator of open-source library called MonsterMQ, which is a more convenient PHP-client for RabbitMQ than official package. Сheck out MonsterMQ features in the description of its repository on if you are interested.
Consider only one-time or a series of one-time job offers on common freelance platforms.

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