About variables in programming

19 May, 2020

If you look at Wikipedia, you can see that a variable in programming is a named, or otherwise addressed, area of memory whose address can be used to access data. The word from this definition to which I would like to draw your attention is data. Is it really so that in the programming languages in which we write, variables are used only for accessing data. In fact, in addition to data access, variables are also used to access objects (instances of classes) and arrays (associative and ordinary) a


About object-oriented programming

22 April, 2020

Object-oriented programming is believed to be based on three pillars that provide the programmer with advantages over the procedural approach. They are encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. Inheritance allows you to significantly get rid of code duplication when using the object-oriented approach. But using it, you should always remember about one of the principles of SOLID, called Liskov Substitution, which, unless you go into details, states that inheritance should be used only as an im


Simple MVC applications

2 July, 2019

I would like to touch on the topic of proper PHP application architecture. The article will focus on the MVC design pattern. Write about MVC I was inspired by the fact that understanding this pattern is key to becoming a good php programmer. So if you're new and want to start writing programs right, read on.
In short, the MVC (model view controller) is a way of writing a program, when the code responsible for data output is written in one place, and the code that generates this